Setting up my WordPress

So I’m using WordPress for the first time and I’m quickly learning that it’s neat and fun to play around with.  The documentation seems good and the code easy to work with.  I’m going to be tracking all the changes I make to the default installation of version 2.6.3 for reference.  I may need this information later or someone else might find helpful.

So far I am using the default theme.  I’m sure I’ll eventually change it but for now I’m just trying to understand how things are structured and how to tweak elements on screen.  The WordPress Function Reference page was a great place to start.  My first goal was to figure out how to get my sidebar to display a list of projects and topics.  In the admin, I created a root level category called ‘Topics’ and another one called ‘Projects’.  Then I created a few other categories that were under either topics or projects such as ‘Flash’, ‘Cars’, ‘PHP’.

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I’ve been resisting for the longest time to start blogging but with the help of my friend and co-worker Moses I’ve decided it’s about time. My thoughts at the time are to blog about my interests such as coding (mainly PHP and Flash), current projects, and every once in a while about my car. I think this will be a good way to organize myself (having a centralized location for my ideas, thoughts, projects) as well as a good way to get to know more people out there. Help me via comments on what you would like to see more or less about. Would you like things more or less technical etc. Thanks for reading!